Missouri Case.net

A great tool for the Missouri crime victim is Case.net.  This is a state operated website that provides critical information about civil and criminal cases.   First-time users are surprised at the wealth of information that Case.net contains.

There is no fee to use Case.net, nor does it require any type of registration.  Instead, users can simply visit the site to search for information.  Among the uses of Case.net are:

  1. To find the date and time of upcoming court dates;
  2. To see what happened on a specific court date;
  3. To see how a case was disposed;
  4. To see if a defendant has ever had any prior cases;
  5. To see if any motions have been filed.

Most information on Case.net is updated fairly quickly.  It is not done in real-time, but most updates are done within a day.  Nearly all types of Missouri cases are listed, with the exception of paternity cases, juvenile cases, and criminal cases that have been closed pursuant to a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS).

A Case.net search can be run by using either the litigant’s name or the case number.  Searches can be run statewide or narrowed to particular counties.